Who Am I?


Bringing my mind, body and spirit into greater states of balance allowed me to access the answers we each hold within us. I’m passionate about helping others to do the same. I was born and raised in Melbourne. In my twenties I could sense there was more I needed to see and do, and made the decision to move to London. After being there for five years the next step was a bigger shift; this time to Asia. I felt called to Hong Kong, a crazy city. Eventually my time there came to a close and I was ready to challenge myself again, this time by living on the road as a digital nomad. For the past five years I’ve travelled all over the world; assisting private clients online, and hosting workshops. During my years in the working world I was gifted with experience in a myriad of industries; including life-style management, events, hair-dressing, hospitality, and music – both in corporate and start-up worlds. All of which contributed to the skill-sets I bring to my work as a Holistic Consultant.

I’m not convinced plaques on the wall showing off certificates, degrees, and long lists of qualifications is proof of a great practitioner. Personally, I prefer to value character and ethics above other things, and allow results to speak for themselves. Every issue we work through is something I have also struggled with personally. Learn by doing is my motto, and thankfully travel brings with it a wide array of experiences.  For those of you who still have a need to know…. I access the Akashic and Galactic Records, am a Reiki Master, an ongoing student of Advanced Shamanic Studies and Plant Medicine, and in the name of self-healing have delved deeply into anything to do with health, psychology, and astrology for the past twelve years of my life. My hand-picked clients around the world love my entertaining delivery style, and down-to-earth, nurturing nature.


I want to ensure I’m serving you as best as possible, so please click on the relevant buttons to access more information for your specific needs.

Please note: My private work is only accessible to people who I have met personally, or referrals. If you’re interested in my one-on-one program you’ll need to list how we met, or who referred you. Without those details your application will not be considered.