3. Financial Concerns

We all have moments where we worry about money. In fact, those financial concerns are the first fearful feelings we come up against when we want to invest in our personal growth. This is where the work truly begins. It’s a great excuse to stay small. The fear people feel at the idea of investing money in their growth is the first initiation. Support appears when you’re committed to experiencing growth. Having that level of faith is another initiation. That’s not to say “to hell with it, I can buy anything I want because the Universe will pick up the tab.” It only works if you’re on the right path. Is my work resonating with you? If not, that tummy flutter is telling you to keep moving until you find the right practitioner. Does now feel like the right time to start? If not, shelve it and return when the time feels right to you. I can’t tell you what the right thing to do is, and nor can I tell you how you feel. I have faith that the people who need me cross my path at the right time, and sense that we’re meant to work together. I will not push you into a decision, nor will I try to convince you with discounts or other “sales” techniques. I don’t do this to get paid. I don’t care about the money. Don’t get me wrong, money gives me freedom and allows me to grow. And I need it to live in our current societal system. That’s not what drives me though. I get paid to do this because I love it, and that passion attracts clients to me. I live, eat and breathe this stuff. I couldn’t switch it off if I tried, and I love teaching other people to see patterns and connect the dots.

If you said “hell yeah” to both of those questions, the sense of resistance you are feeling is the voice of your ego trying to prevent you from making changes that would be detrimental to its existence. It’s important to move into it, rather than shrink from it. That means rising to the challenge of either creating/sourcing the funds (problem solving skills get a great workout here) or circulating what you have, even when you’re afraid it’s running out (feel the fear and do it anyway, knowing that you are loved and supported at all times).

If I open myself up to creating different deals with clients to assist with their financial concerns, I’m entangling myself with problems that don’t belong to me. I want my message to get to as many people as possible, AND I still need to be able to live and travel to do my own spiritual work. My prices reflect a myriad of things; the value I place on my time, energy and knowledge; the results you’ll achieve, and what I can logically live on to do this work to the best of my ability, and how often it needs to come in. And believe me when I say, I’m still not charging anywhere near what this will be worth to you. Therefore, my payment terms are non-negotiable. I have tried to be as fair as possible by offering three options. For those of you who can’t currently afford to work with me privately; know that if it’s meant to be, the opportunity will come around again when you are in the right financial position. And there are other ways to get your fix more cheaply. I host workshops and ceremonies around the world, and am currently writing a book. There will be ways for you to connect with me on the level that suits where you’re at right now, and still honours my time and energy. My only concern is to maintain an even energetic flow between us, otherwise we’ll both be at a deficit - not good for either of us (spoken from experience). Please understand there is only a certain amount of payment plans I can offer per year. If you take one, please ensure you actually need it, otherwise you could be taking it away from someone who can’t start this work otherwise. Don’t take it just because you’re worried you won’t have enough to spend on handbags or shoes.

If you do have the full payment ready to go, I have another favour to ask you. Feel good when you make the payment. Don't allow yourself to have that sinking feeling when money is going out of your account. Pay it with joy knowing that you are investing in yourself. That feeling will create a multitude of rewards in every area of your life. The Universe is abundant and nothing can stop that flow. The energy you put behind your purchases counts in ways you can’t begin to understand until you see it in motion in your life.

Any financial challenges (like learning to save, or budget) that come up are lessons you need to experience for your growth. I can’t step in to save you, otherwise I’m circumventing your chance to learn through doing. Anything we avoid will only come back again - most likely a little harder the next time round.

And I’m SO sure in the power of this work and the shifts you will experience that I offer a satisfaction guarantee. Terms provided upon commitment to the six-month package.

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