2. What Is The Commitment?

Let’s get really clear before we go down this rabbit hole. This is a way of life, not a quick-fix. If I’m going to commit my time and energy to guiding you through the experience, you need to do the same. This work is incredibly powerful. It’s my gift to the world, birthed through my personal experiences, and my blood, sweat, and tears (literally). I have the utmost respect for the information that comes through me, and will only work with people who are willing to treat it the same way. I carefully select my clients to ensure they are aligned with a vision bigger than any one of us, and are ready to do the inner work it’s going to take to get there. You need to have a willingness to deeply examine your own issues and to take personal responsibility for the reflections you see. Let’s look at what that means and how things will play out.

If your application has been accepted we’ll spend 1.5 hours in a consultation to:

  • Clarify the information you shared on the Application Form about your physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual health.

  • Look for patterns in order to understand the deeper issues we’ll be working through in future sessions.

  • Discuss the process, what experiences you may have, and the results you can expect over the six months and into the future.

  • Energy work will be transmitted to give you direct experience of the feeling.

  • Give you a chance to ask questions and clarify any concerns you may have.

As soon as you pay the consultation fee, shifts will start occurring. You will be undergoing a series of initiations that have been called in by you for your own growth and development. Now that you made the commitment to change your life by taking full responsibility for your circumstances, lessons will amplify to assist you in seeing the patterns and releasing them. This can be anything from subtle events such as getting a call from a long-lost friend (maybe you said you wanted to work on your relationships), to losing your job (did you write about how unhappy you are at your workplace and wanting to figure out what your calling in life is?).

If we deem the relationship to be a fit you will be committing your soul, time, energy, and finances to working with me one-on-one for a minimum of six months. It takes time to intellectually comprehend the ideas presented, and they must be experienced through real-life circumstances before you are able to embody the concepts. This ensures the best results whilst enforcing commitment to the process and long-term change. The shifts experienced are huge. It is a change of lifestyle and requires equal amounts of work from both parties to ensure the results obtained reach and exceed expectations. If you commit to the process, and follow your intuitive messages with inspired action I guarantee results. Due to the nature of this work it is important that the six-month package is started within one or two weeks (maximum) of the initial consultation. Once payment has been made it is common for the Ego to start being triggered more than usual as it knows all of its darkest issues are going to come to the surface. Even though you mentally understand this concept it is very different to be IN it. Help and guidance is necessary, and why you are hiring me.

Consultation fee is $390 USD (note: payment is requested in HKD on the booking page). Select your time and date very carefully; no changes will be allowed. Pay attention to the details and commit to your actions because there are no refunds. You will have missed your opportunity, and taken up an appointment someone else could have used. Please check your calendar before you apply to ensure you will be able to start sessions within one or two weeks of your consultation date.

Q: If the consultation goes well and I want to continue, how many sessions will I need to have and how often?

Sessions need to be conducted regularly in order to obtain the best possible results. I designed the amount of sessions and the flow of how they are laid out very specifically, based on years of testing with previous clients. There are certain things we can be flexible about, and there are others that are an important part of my framework. The timing is a non-negotiable part of the experience. For this to work you need to trust my judgment on the best way to move through the process. Thank you for respecting the years of hard-work that have gone into experiencing and understanding these initiations.

Sessions are conducted from 9am to 4pm my timezone on Monday’s only (timezones: September London / October-December Asia / mid-Dec till mid-Feb 2020 Australia / mid-Feb till mid-June 2020 Asia).

The sessions are broken down as follows :



  • You’ll receive 18x 60 minute Live Video Conference Calls

  • Information about the Universal Energies that are surfacing, and how they relate to your personal journey.

  • Documents containing further reading, techniques and activities to support our discussion points (uploaded to Dropbox)

  • Tips on health, relationships, deeper spiritual connection, abundance and creating a life-style you love.

  • Energy work

  • Two review sessions (call #9 and call #18) to clarify techniques worked through so far, and understand how to bring them into your everyday life to self-correct when new challenges occur.

  • Feedback on your progress based on your unique experiences.


  • We’ll commit to one hour per week for our weekly (non-negotiable) calls for the first nine weeks.

  • The discussions and energy work will bring suppressed emotions to the surface, causing physical symptoms to arise.

  • Homework is shared to assist the releasing process and is to be looked at before the next session.

  • Use your journal as a safe place for you to express the thoughts and emotions coming through, and make notes of breakthroughs to be shared or questions you have for your next call.

  • After the first nine weeks we shift to fortnightly sessions - you’ll have a better understanding of how the process works, and will find it easier to navigate.

  • Now we work on establishing good habits to keep the energy and momentum moving.

  • Start putting the tools and techniques you learned into a regular routine to utilise the energy from Earth’s natural cycles. This brings greater results with less effort on your part.

Payment Options

PRICE UPON CONSULTATION. Payment plans can be requested and discussed.

I host invite-only mentorship groups. These are only available to people who have worked with me for a minimum of six months already. Working in a small group is incredibly powerful and much can be cleared and attracted. After six months with me privately you will have a clear understanding of the process. My suggestion is to then join one of the online mentorships to continue receiving support and get the chance to connect with other high vibrational like-minded people who understand the energetic concepts I will be sharing.


Q: Where will sessions be conducted?

Sessions are conducted online using the Zoom platform.

Q: What if I don’t have Zoom?

Download the latest version from the Zoom website. See links below for instructions to download Zoom on a Desktop or a Mac.


A meeting will be scheduled prior and you will receive an email with the time. Click on the link and you will be connected directly to the meeting. Bookmark the link - we will be using the same one every session. Unavoidable technical issues do occur from time to time. I ask that we remember to go with the flow of what is occurring, rather than struggling against something out of our control. If there are issues getting online or during the call, I recommend rebooting Zoom, your computer and your modem. If the video or audio are not working we can connect via the Zoom Chat service to discuss how to proceed.


Q: Can I see you in person?

It is important for me to travel at this time – both to work with the energy of the planet and receive lessons and experiences for my growth (that are then shared with my clients for their advancement). This work takes priority. Without those messages and experiences I wouldn’t have the knowledge and stories to share with my clients that help them to create shifts. This takes an enormous amount of energy. If you are looking for someone to visit in person, I’m not the right fit for you. Energetic transmissions work just as well from a distance and the results of the work are the same.

Q: If I have a problem can I contact you between sessions?

Out of respect for other clients and my private time it is asked that you refrain from any form of contact (emailing, calling or messaging) between appointments. I request that we schedule appointments as far in advance as possible and according to my time-zone to ensure I can get enough self-care and rest time between sessions. I have gone to a great deal of trouble to create a schedule that minimises time spent on email as it is not good for my frequency and will affect my ability to pick up as much information as possible. I need to be offline completely when I am in courses, with the aim of gaining as much from the experiences and sharing that with clients for their evolution. My aim is to hold more energy, and teach others to do the same. Spiritual work always needs to have priority, therefore I cannot operate as a hotline for questions. I need to focus on keeping my energy as clear and high vibrational as possible for client’s sessions, workshops, ceremonies, and channelling. Anything you need to discuss can be brought up in your next session as it will always contain lessons for us to look at. This is why keeping a journal of your experiences is imperative as it will help you to remember thoughts, questions or concerns you need to bring up. If you need to make a change to a future appointment there is an info@email to contact. Thank you for understanding that these boundaries have been set up in order to serve you in the best way possible, ensuring you get the most from the process and my energy field.

Q: How will I receive the recommended tools and tips?

  • Zoom Chat Box – for articles or video links. These must be accessed prior to the call ending, or they will disappear once we hang up.

  • Dropbox - for all documents. You will be invited to join the shared folder prior to your consultation appointment and can log in to your Dropbox account anytime to see your documents. If you do not have a current Dropbox account one can easily be set up for free. Everything in the Dropbox will be secure and can only be seen by you and myself. Dropbox saves everything to the Cloud, enabling you to have access anywhere, anytime. Everything will be stored in call date order.

    • “Files” contains your private information (application form, the consultation questionnaire, and your waiver & release form.) I recommend looking back at these regularly to see the progress that has been made.

    • Oracle card readings will be uploaded here five minutes prior to our call. Please ensure you have opened the folder ready to discuss what has come up BEFORE the call begins. This allows us to be more efficient with our hour together.

    • Documents containing instructions for your homework. Uploaded during the call to give you immediate access

Q: Am I expected to do the follow up tasks prior to my next session?

All tasks are set in order to facilitate the client’s personal growth and expansion. Performing the tasks helps to anchor the work and integrate the changes you intend to make. It is highly recommended that you work through anything you are given in order to gain the most value out of the process and take responsibility for your own healing. It is imperative that you experience firsthand what the benefits of the exercises and activities may be, before checking in with your intuition to feel if it resonated. If you see the value it has provided, it can become part of your personal toolkit for use when needed. There are not usually any set dates by which the tasks must be completed, so you are free to work through them in your own time. However, I do recommend you keep a good pace with this. It is important to keep moving forward. This will only work if you put time and effort into the process. Self-awareness requires us to discern between avoidance (am self-sabotaging and resisting growth?) and when our intuitive messages are pointing to potential danger.
Watch this TED talk to understand our emotions -

Guy Winch: Why We All Need To Practice Emotional First Aid http://go.ted.com/bJzJ

Q: Can I share what I learn with my partner and friends?

Sessions are private and sacred and for clients only. Tools shared to help you are carefully selected at the right time for YOU personally. Each practice and session builds upon the next. Experiences lose power if you take them out of context. What you receive becomes part of your personal power and knowledge. Please do not teach others the practices of this program and the principles behind them. Revealing these practices to others is a disservice to them, as it robs them of the potential for experiencing for themselves the powerful transformations that can occur when undergoing these initiations and transmissions for the first time in their proper order and context. This work is direct experience, rather than being taught what to believe. I have undergone training and my own initiations in order to understand energy and be able to anticipate each person’s unique needs. Sharing your experiences is an important part of the integration process because verbalising helps bring it into your new belief system. Investing in regular sessions creates a safe place for you to share those breakthroughs in a way that is designed to empower you and add to the learning. I’ll clarify more about this during the consultation.

Q: What happens if I miss a session?

You forfeit the session. Thank you for honouring and respecting my time and your own by giving a minimum of two week’s notice to reschedule. I am booked up well in advance. If you want your proposed time-slot then you need to get in early & carve out time for yourself that cannot be shifted. This is driving you to set better boundaries and become more organized, which will help you to hold more energy. Those of you who have jobs that involve unavoidable changes to your schedule and timezones, we will discuss how we’ll handle this during the consultation.

  • Weekly Sessions - If there is a serious, unavoidable reason for you to miss one week, a remote session will be conducted and uploaded online for you to access when you can. This includes times when it is completely impossible to make it online (ie. travelling through an area without wifi). This will be specified in advance. Cards will be drawn and interpreted for you. A voice recording and the follow up tasks will be uploaded to Dropbox on your original call date. An email will be sent with details; with confirmation of half an hour distance healing. The transmission still occurs and our weekly container has stayed solid and strong. If you are aware of lots of upcoming travel through zones without solid wifi, then please wait to apply for a consultation until a later stage.

  • Fortnightly Sessions - If an appointment cannot be made on your regular day the session must be conducted one week later on the same weekday. If this is not possible, a remote session will be sent to your Dropbox. We will have another session a week later to get back to our original timing.

  • If the session is interrupted due to internet issues on my part I will wear the cost and reschedule, or do a remote reading for you.


Q: Can I put my sessions on hold?

Applicants must be seriously committed to the process and are expected to prioritise time for their appointments, and the follow up work. A few hours a week is not a lot of time to dedicate to yourself and can always be managed if you are serious enough about it. This includes issues such as; increased busyness, stressful times at work, travel, unavoidable illnesses, and anything else that comes up as a natural part of life. It is even more important to continue prioritising yourself when your routine has changed. In fact, this is where the greatest lessons lie. Rather than avoiding them, use the upcoming session as a way to understand what your circumstances are trying to convey to you. Remember, I move countries monthly and often cities weekly. If I can manage to schedule in time for my own inner work and have the capability to help guide you, all while maintaining an intense travel schedule and changing timezones; so can you. I take my commitment to you very seriously, and I expect the same from you in return. This relationship will not work otherwise. It’s important to keep to the timeframe of finishing the work in the six-month container that has been created. Sessions were set up in a very specific way to ensure the best results, based on almost a decade of experience doing this work.



  • Plan in advance. As Monday is my only available day, prioritise that in your calendar. Ensure that you don’t book travel plans on those days, or organise anything that will compromise your ability to get online in a private space. Look ahead in your calendar and be really conscious of setting aside this important time for you. In order to truly live these principles this work is a priority, not an occasional thing. Life will always be busy, that’s exactly the time when we need someone to guide us and hold us accountable. I put my inner work AND yours first by ensuring I have six hours a week set aside for clients, around my travel schedule. I ask that you do the same with your one hour, even when you’re travelling. If you put yourself first, it’s easy to manage and other people will respect you more for being in integrity with your promises, both to yourself and to me.

  • Your schedule is your responsibility to organise and remember. Ensure you note the time and date of sessions (it can be helpful to note my timezone as well), bookmark the Zoom link, save the meeting ID and have the dial-in number at hand for your calls. Taking the time and space for your inner work is an important form of self-care and it reinforces a deep sense of integrity. There are no shortcuts. We each must do the work. Transformation is a conscious choice you make. You have the power to commit to your transformation. The deeper you go, the more powerful your results. When people find excuses not to prioritise themselves and this work they are avoiding the very issues that are creating blockages.

  • Show up for your sessions on time, and prepared. This means ensuring you have clear internet connection in advance of the call and have checked the Zoom link. Open the cards in Dropbox prior to the call, have your journal with you to share past thoughts or take new notes. Ensure you have read the homework from the past session and done your best to do the activity.

  • You must be a comfortable space where you can talk freely and won’t be heard or disturbed. Do not be on the move, or have people coming in and out of the room. This work takes focus and concentration, not just for me but also for you. Have respect for the special time you have put aside for yourself. It’s also important to be energetically clean and not have our toxic emotions released into a public space. You may feel the need to cry, or have delicate things you wish to discuss. Find a private space and set boundaries with the people in your life to guard your right to this time for yourself. The stronger our boundaries the higher our standards and sense of self-respect are. In case of unavoidable disturbances have earphones handy.

  • Consider carefully if you can commit to this process before you fill out the Application Form, book a consultation and start the six month journey. This work brings up uncomfortable feelings. It is common for people to try anything to avoid dealing with those feelings (such as missing sessions due to disorganisation, becoming unwell, changing your mind, etc). I have set strict terms and conditions precisely because of that. You’re trusting me to hold you accountable and ensure you show up to do the work. I will not enable unhealthy avoidance techniques. This is why I have a strict no-refund policy.


  • Missed sessions. If you need to make a change to your appointment a minimum of one month is required. My schedule is carefully planned and booked months in advance to ensure that I can stay on top of everything I need to do and still have a high vibration for our time together. I want each of you to get the times that suit you best, so learn to get organised in advance. It’s a skill-set that can be learned. The better boundaries I set with my time and schedule, the more it’s requiring you to set clearer lines around your own time and energy – this is a great thing for both of our levels of self-respect, focus, energy, and ability to create our lives the way we want.

  • I am focused on MY schedule. You are expected to take charge of your own. My PA will not reply to emails clarifying important details you missed. If you are absent from a session because you had the time wrong, forgot the date, or lost the Zoom link your session has been forfeited AND you have wasted your time and mine. Energy directed towards something means it cannot be directed elsewhere. We always have other things we could be doing. Please have respect for your time, mine, and for the people on my waitlist. Let’s focus and commit. You’re worth it. Be mindful of the fact that I schedule client calls to allow me to maximise my time in the locations that I am called to for spiritual work. I only travel on days of the week when I’m not holding calls to ensure we can maintain the integrity of the Monday or Thursday bookings. This gives me the days in between to land in a new place, get set up and ensure my frequency is clear and high before I have to speak to anyone. That allows me to pick up as much information from your field and have the capability of transmitting the maximum amount of energy during our time together. I ensure I am in a private place with solid wifi connection. I place importance on working with you, and create a sacred space for our calls so I won’t be interrupted. Every word you say is important to me and I want you to feel supported while I listen. This also helps me to read between the lines and guide you in figuring out what is REALLY going on for you; your innermost feelings and unmet needs. Please do the same.

  • Sessions will end on time if we start late due to a mismanagement of your energy. If your internet connection is patchy you are missing out on paid time with me. This is your chance to share anything important with me and ask for my thoughts or feedback. If you forget to tell me something, you miss your chance until our next appointment as you are unable to contact me outside of our scheduled call time. If you haven’t read the homework, you won’t be able to ask questions. Remember, you have invested a lot of time and money into this process. Make the most of it - this is for you, not me. I do my own inner work daily and invest myself completely which requires a lot of energy. In order to restore that energy I need a lot of quiet time. Going over time cuts into my personal time and means I can’t replenish as much as I need to in order to be ready and as high vibrational as possible for my next client, intense travel schedule or challenging spiritual work. I have the right to terminate remaining sessions if you miss more than two sessions due to mismanagement of your time and energy. If I don’t feel that you are focused and committed, my time can be put to better use elsewhere.

  • If there are issues from your end the session is forfeited – it is your responsibility to ensure you are well organised in a private space with a good internet connection for your session. If there are too many disturbances I will not be as easily able to pick up information from your field and you won’t get the most out of me, or our time together. I will not do energy work if there isn’t a safe container for it to be released into on your side. If you are late to your call I will wait 15 minutes. After that I will disconnect the call and direct my energy elsewhere. Please remember that we are both giving up other things we could be doing by committing to this. When travelling it can be especially hard to ensure there is a solid wifi connection and private space for the call, however I make sure I have both unless in an absolute emergency (ie. power goes out in the house). Working while travelling extensively takes a lot of energy and planning, not to mention substantial expense. When there are no shows it creates a knock on effect to plans and schedules.

  • Strict no-refund policy under any circumstances. Remember, the Ego will do anything to protect itself, and avoid the work. This can surface the closer you get to starting; suddenly you have reasons why you can’t go ahead, don’t have the time, or feel I’m no longer the right fit. Inner work is not easy; without someone holding us accountable our Ego will always find ways around it to protect itself. In order for me to play the role you have hired me to play, clear boundaries are a must. They’re in place to help me help you, that way we can highlight and confront these issues. For this reason there are no refunds in any situation (whether we have started weekly sessions or not). The Waiver and Release you will be required to sign prior to your consultation includes more information about this.

Thank you for understanding poorly managed energy results in a loss of paid time for me. Taking full responsibility means experiencing the consequences your actions have on you, and the people around you rather than deflecting them to someone else.